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INSIDE MY CRANIUM: I am not average

I was watching this interview of Rupi Kaur, whose poetry I am very much obsessed with…. This truly, truly hit me because listening to Emma and Rupi discuss about this poem, misogyny and everything related, I understood that I have been unfair to myself and I definitely need to apologize to myself….Most of us, including myself, so far have almost always considered beauty in terms of one’s physical appearance and it just ends there.

INSIDE MY CRANIUM: There is no light without the dark

I used to be able to write beautifully and not just that, I could write smart and sensible stuff that could most definitely resonate with people. Where did that girl go? ……. I turned everything I love into a to-do list and it’s reached the point where all these endless lists have worn me down….. What I failed to comprehend all those years ago is that there is no light without the dark…..