I listen to podcasts I read poetry I find motivational books But none of it helps In all those words I keep trying to find something  That will soothe my soul But I find nothing Millions of words and I find nothing Or is it that I’ve already found Whatever it is that I need … Continue reading coward

INSIDE MY CRANIUM: A completely useless cry for help…

WARNING: The post contains a few dark details of depression, including a very ugly picture of vomiting etc, so proceed with caution and if you're sensitive to such content, please don't read it. __________________________________________________ Four years ago, I sat down in my room and started drinking one pill after the other. I kept swallowing one … Continue reading INSIDE MY CRANIUM: A completely useless cry for help…


I keep waiting,  waiting for many things to happen; waiting for the tranquility to set in, waiting for you to realize my existence, waiting for a message from an old friend, waiting for logic to kick in, just waiting, waiting for a lot of things to happen; waiting to see how I make it through … Continue reading waiting

We all are made up of the same components; we all are made of flesh and bone, we all have blood coursing through our veins, and we all have one brain in the skull and one heart enclosed within our ribcages. We all are human. Yet we forget this basic thing and focus on race, … Continue reading