remind me

remind me to never speak up again remind me to never pour out my heart remind me to never voice my thoughts remind me over and over again remind me of the heartbreak remind me of the betrayal remind me of the abandonment remind me over and over again remind me to stay silent remind … Continue reading remind me


Little did she know That the coffee he spilt on her the first morning Was not a mere coincidence or a mistake For she was his chosen prey Little did she know That the misgiving in her heart Was not a mistaken feeling But rather the universe telling her to run Little did she know … Continue reading monster


my heart is aching for something for something it doesn’t even know for something that doesn’t even exist but my heart is aching for something what is this something  where do i find this something why is my heart asking for this something  isn’t there so many other things around my heart why does my … Continue reading something


I listen to podcasts I read poetry I find motivational books But none of it helps In all those words I keep trying to find something  That will soothe my soul But I find nothing Millions of words and I find nothing Or is it that I’ve already found Whatever it is that I need … Continue reading coward


I keep waiting,  waiting for many things to happen; waiting for the tranquility to set in, waiting for you to realize my existence, waiting for a message from an old friend, waiting for logic to kick in, just waiting, waiting for a lot of things to happen; waiting to see how I make it through … Continue reading waiting


they tell me to write to write to write to write for apparently this is the only way i am going to feel better but what do i write everything is just blank my mind is numb my heart is broken my vision is blurred my body is aching so what am i supposed to … Continue reading write

I desperately want something good to happen It doesn’t have to be anything big Just something tiny would do Anything would do Even if it’s something that lasts for just 5 mins It’s been one dark day after another And now my soul is aching For something good Something positive Something light Something happy So … Continue reading