“don’t respond when you’re angry you end up saying things you don’t actually mean you end up hurting people you’re not supposed to hurt you end up saying things you’ll never be able to take back” - Humble the Poet

I desperately want something good to happen It doesn’t have to be anything big Just something tiny would do Anything would do Even if it’s something that lasts for just 5 mins It’s been one dark day after another And now my soul is aching For something good Something positive Something light Something happy So … Continue reading

Make an excuse to be happy right now and start painting with those thoughts. Your life is art, a work in progress, at that, and it’s only complete when you’re dead. Every day is a new day to see it the way you want. Humble the Poet

100 days

It’s been 100 days since we last spoke Do you ever wonder what happened to me? Do you ever question why I disappeared?  Has my silence ever sparked your curiosity? I don’t think so Because if you truly had cared Even a little bit You would have tried Tried to talk to me Tried to … Continue reading 100 days

Living, but not really living Breathing, but not really savoring every precious breath Believing, but at the same time doubting That this pain will ever cease to exist Overwhelming doses of emotion Can someone prescribe me something so I can go numb? I need a moment Something more than these unrelenting episodes of sorrow and … Continue reading