Hi there! If you’re here and reading this, first of all, thank you for taking a few minutes of your precious time & investing it in my blog. Here are a few basic stuff about me that might pique your interest just enough for you to come back here once again.

❖ My name is Azraa
❖ 24 year old Sri Lankan Muslim
❖ Medical Student
❖ Battling with depression & anxiety
❖ I usually write in paragraphs, so I’ve been called as “The Paragraph Girl”
❖ Big time bookworm


INSIDE MY CRANIUM: This is where you’ll find all those random thoughts & rants that run through my mind and some of the rants are really, really long but this is that one section I am very much proud of.

BOOKS: Being a bookworm I do tend to read a lot and whenever I get the opportunity, I post a very much simplified review about those books, which is what you’ll find here

ONE GOOD THING: I started this in an attempt to practice gratefulness so this is where I tend to record anything good that happens 

SO CALLED POETRY: This is where you’ll find my attempts at poetry, some of which I really do love, some not so much

QUOTES : It’s a collection of all those fascinating words I’ve either saved from most of the books I’ve read or come across elsewhere. 

THE ISLAMIC CHRONICLES: This is my attempt at understanding & explaining the widely misunderstood concepts of my religion and also mentioning everything good about in general