It’s very common to find series following the protagonist’s life in the crime/ police procedural genre and almost all of them are pretty good, and one common thing is that you can easily binge read these books, or well at least I find it to be so. Today’s post is about my top 5 favourite series, which I most definitely have binge-read in the least amount of time possible, and each one of them have their own unique element / character which is what makes them stand out.



I read this years ago and it’s still my most favourite series ever.

The Surgeon is the first book where Detective Rizzoli is introduced and The Apprentice is where Dr. Maura Isles is introduced. The plots of each book are mind blowing and just so very captivating. It keeps you at the edge of your seat and you just want to know what happens next, so you pretty much devour the book in one sitting, or well at least that’s what I did. And when one book is over, you just want more and well, luckily, there’s a whole series available.

Then I recommended this series to my sister, who by the way isn’t a major fan of books, and guess what? This series brought her over to the reading side and since then she’s asked for so many other recommendations and is well on her way to becoming a bookworm.

So yes, I highly recommend this series to any murder-thriller fans out there because it is definitely one of the most clever and well written series ever and how often do you come across books with not one, but two strong female characters, who are portrayed as quick witted and independent?



The first book I read by Robin Cook was Mortal Fear, which is not part of this series, but is most definitely what led me to this series. His books are medical thrillers and Mortal Fear being the first ever medical thriller I read excited me so very much, because I didn’t even know that such a genre existed [excuse my ignorance, I was in my early teens back then].

Honestly, my memory isn’t that good that I can recall the details of this reading experience back in my teenage years, but what I can most definitely be sure of is that reading this series made me want to become a medical examiner, because obviously being the deluded teenager I was, I assumed that my life would be as exciting as these novels. Of course, when I suggested medical examiner as a career option, my mother freaked out and immediately made me throw that idea out of a window, but hey, guess what, the idea is still there at the back of mind, so who knows, maybe someday I might.

The series starts off with Blindsight and the entire series is definitely unique because it has the normal “dead bodies turning up and figuring out who the killer is” element but in addition to that there is the whole scientific / medical element to it which adds further to the excitement.



Lincoln Rhyme, a quadriplegic forensic criminalist, who solves crimes whilst being in the confines of his house. There are a few elements that make this particular series special, in addition to the brilliant villains starring in each book.

The first element is obvious, the protagonist is quadriplegic, he’s not on the crime scene, he isn’t running behind bad guys, he’s not conducting interviews, and yet he is so clever that he manages to connect the dots with his out of the box thinking. The second element is his relationship with Thom, his caretaker, who puts up with Lincoln and his tantrums and yet never leaves and cares so very deeply for him, it’s a truly beautiful bond. The third being Amelia Sachs, who ends up being Lincoln’s eyes and ears at the crime scene.

The dynamic between this trio gives more life to the already breathtakingly amazing storylines that keep you hooked right from the first page. You want something to stimulate your brain and keep you guessing at every turn of the page, go read this series, you will love it!



Okay, this isn’t exactly a medical thriller series despite the name saying so. Yes, Kay Scarpetta is a medical examiner but the plot lines are not focused solely on the dead bodies turning up her workplace. The mysteries extend into her personal life, involving tragedies that affect her marriage and so much more. I am being very cryptic because there are like 20+ novels in this series and each novel focuses on a certain crime plot line and in addition to that her personal mysteries are unravelled, so even mentioning certain characters would be a spoiler alert.

But yes, I did not start this series in the right order. I didn’t even know this was a series until I read Port Mortuary or maybe it was Red Mist, I am unsure of which one I read first. But yea, I loved it and like I mentioned because it follows her life story closely, I started off in the middle of her secrets being revealed and I was like “hold up, what even is happening?” and then I had to do some research and that’s when I figured out that oh it’s a whole series.

You’d think that I read the books in the right order after that, right? Wrong. I didn’t and it’s only because at that time I didn’t have a way to get hold of the first book or any of the books in the right order so I had to make do with whatever I found.

So I’ve read around 10 books out of the 20+, all in the wrong order so I definitely was aware of a few spoilers but despite it all, I still thoroughly enjoyed each and every book. To make this a better reading experience, I’d highly recommend starting right from the beginning so that you don’t ruin certain surprises. Yes, I know I’ve said this for pretty much all the series so far, but it is truly is an amazing series and you most definitely should give it a shot because each book comes with its own dose of action and adventure.



Pretty much all the other series I’ve mentioned are ones I’ve read a while ago and I tend to catch up with most recent books in the series whenever I find them. But this particular series is something I started last summer and I clearly remember bulldozing through five books in three days. Yeah, I was obsessed and the main reason being the flow of the stories in each book. You don’t even realise that you’ve almost finished the entire book because that’s how much of a pleasant read it is despite the obvious blood, gore and adrenaline rush each mystery brings with it.

I finished reading Pieces of Her by Karin Slaughter and my soul was hungry for more of her words because she is a mastermind when it comes to thrillers and that is what led me to the discovery of Triptych and the Will Trent series.

If you’ve made it to this point in this post, you would know by now that each series has it’s own defining feature and in this, it is Will Trent’s personality. He is a cop but he is nothing like those cliche cops / detectives you read about in most books [of course nothing is wrong with being cliche]. He has a past that’s moulded him into the person he is and he is a very interesting character. He has poor social skills so the way he navigates through crime scenes and investigations is different and fascinating.

With each book and it’s share of killers, you get to see more and more of who Will is and then you’re just rooting for the man and hoping he gets a happy ending. These books are thriller brain teasers that will definitely keep you engaged and if you’re anything like me, you might even get through more than 50% of the series in a span of few days.


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