The Love Letter – Lucinda Riley

When Sir James Harrison, one the greatest actors of his generation, passes away at the age of ninety-five, he leaves behind not just a heartbroken family but also a secret so shocking, it could rock the English establishment to its core.

Joanna Haslam, an up-and-coming reporter, is assigned to cover the legendary actor’s funeral, attended by glitzy celebrities of every background. But Joanna stumbles on something dark beneath the glamour: the mention of a letter James Harrison has left behind—the contents of which many have been desperate to keep concealed for over seventy years. As she peels back the veil of lies that has shrouded the secret, she realizes that she’s close to uncovering something deadly serious—and the royal family may be implicated. Before long, someone is on her tracks, attempting to prevent her from discovering the truth. And they’ll stop at nothing to reach the letter before she does.



4.2 / 5

When I started this book, somewhere amidst the first few pages, I was skeptic about whether or not I will actually make it to the end, but I am so very glad that I did not give up on this. It was definitely a slow start but the plot thickened very rapidly. I kind of pulled a semi-all nighter due to the twists and turns that were all thrown in simultaneously. Not going to lie, it did get a bit confusing towards the last third of the book, but it was intriguing so it kept me going.

Joanna might be the protagonist of this book, but hands down Zoe ended up being my favourite character. Simon was the steady guy in the series and his storyline was pretty predictable but I loved the chemistry he had with a certain character (can’t be throwing in spoilers here, can I?). Lastly, Marcus was the wildcard of this plot and his character arc took a full on 180 turn and for a minute there, he definitely shattered my heart.

Overall this book had the perfect mix of romance and mystery laced with the nostalgia of historical fiction. Yes, it did get a bit messy in certain places which happened because the author was trying to maintain an air of mystery until the major reveal in the end, but it was all definitely worth in the end. Did I love this book? Yes, I did, mostly because it tied up all those loose ends very aptly and had a very satisfactory ending, which is something very crucial for me. Do give this a read because it might have some cliche elements in terms of romance, but the storyline is a pretty unique and interesting one.

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