a point in the future

There will be a point in the future

when I will finally ask you

whether you want to be part of my life forever

whether you want to run away with me

whether you can tolerate my tantrums

whether you can be my best friend

whether you can hold me through thick and thin

whether you will understand my decisions

whether you will be capable of loving me for who I am

and at this point

give me an honest answer

for if you refuse

I promise I will not be mad or disappointed

I will simply let go of you

let you find the person

you believe you can stand by at all times

for nothing would make me happier

than seeing you live a life filled with joy

and if you accept to be with me

and guide me through the thorny paths of life

and care for my soul

then I promise you

I will be everything that you ever dreamt of

I will be the person you can turn to at any given time

I will caress your wounds

I will give you my hoodie on a cold, windy day

I will hold an umbrella over you on every rainy day

I will wipe away your precious tears

I will listen to every single one of your woes

I will enjoy every single tale you narrate

I will treasure every single breath with you

I will hold you and guide you if ever stumble

I will always believe you regardless of who says what

I will be your soul mate

if you choose to be mine


Pic credit: @taylaob.art (Instagram)

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