Assalamu Alaikum!

I compiled this list of duas based on a few lectures I watched in the past few weeks. Obviously there are plenty missing, but I hope that this is of help to anyone that comes across.

May Allah [SWT]:

  1. Make our lives easy
  2. Grant us greater understanding 
  3. Grant us goodness
  4. Make our hearts pure
  5. Bless every one of us
  6. Protect & safeguard us
  7. Help us to touch the lives of people
  8. Forgive us, grant us Jannah & safeguard us from hellfire
  9. Grant Jannah to those who passed away & ease their sufferings
  10. Open our doors
  11. Make us from amongst those who can bear patience
  12. Grant us selflessness
  13. Make us truthful
  14. Grant us Noor
  15. Protect our wealth and make it sustenance of goodness
  16. Make us from those assisting one and another 
  17. Grant us courage
  18. Protect us from oppression 
  19. Grant us foresightedness
  20. Make us parents who are always making decisions best for our children
  21. Grant us spouses who will be the coolness of our eyes
  22. Grant peace, stability and calmness throughout the globe
  23. Never make us from those who lose opportunities when we have them
  24. Save us from jealousy 
  25. Take us to Mecca
  26. Refresh us & rejuvenate us so that we can worship Him at all times
  27. Solidify the memorisation of the Quran in our hearts
  28. Rectify our habits 
  29. Beautify us
  30. Make us from those who are humble
  31. Make us from those who can surrender to the instructions of Allah (SWT) & His Messenger (SAWS) 
  32. Make us truthful 
  33. Make us cover the fault of others
  34. Make us conscious of the way we treat our family
  35. Grant us the ability to distinguish between right & wrong and follow the right
  36. Make us fulfill our salah and accept it
  37. Guide us at all times and make our hearts steadfast 
  38. Make us worried about others & if possible do something positive about it
  39. Protect us from hypocrisy 
  40. Grant us good memories
  41. Grant us Jannah
  42. Grant us good health & barakah
  43. Save us from haughtiness 
  44. Make us appreciate what we have
  45. Grant us ease in the difficulties we have
  46. Grant us the ability to substitute all that is evil with all that is good 
  47. Turn our hearts towards the Deen
  48. Grant us simplicity & contentment in our lives
  49. Grant us lives that will be led in obedience of Allah (SWT)
  50. Make us from those who can establish peace within ourselves & amongst each other
  51. Never ever make us from those who look down upon other people
  52. Make us true worshippers
  53. Make us parents who are role models for our children 
  54. Safeguard us from all forms of sickness
  55. Grant cure to those who are sick & grant us all good health
  56. Make us from amongst those who can see His signs and turn to Him
  57. Protect us from tabarruj
  58. Grant us sound sleep
  59. Protect us from all these parasites & bugs & various other diseases spread via such organisms
  60. Safeguard us from Shirk
  61. Forgive our shortcomings & clear our slates
  62. Make our homes filled with peace, Noor & Rahma
  63. Help those who are going through marriage & crises, solve their problems
  64. Help those living in bliss, to continue living in bliss
  65. May He make us united as a muslim ummah
  66. Bless us all with good company 
  67. Help us say the right thing at all the occasions life presents us with
  68. Grant us safety & security 
  69. Make us from those who enter paradise without reckoning 
  70. Make it easy for us to cross the bridge to get to Jannah
  71. Help us fill our bellies with food and be content about it
  72. Help us be content with our souls
  73. Soften our hearts
  74. Have mercy on us all
  75. Help us increase our Iman and strengthen our Taqwa




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