BOOKS: Romantic novel recommendations

Anyone who knows me knows very well that I am not a fan of romance. The only times I ever read them is when I need a break from all the death found in the crime thrillers. But there have been some that really stood out and definitely changed my mindset and now has made me have more of an open mind when I approach romance novels.

Here are the top 5 romantic novels I read in the past year [they are listed in no particular order] and every single one of them have a very distinct storyline which makes them stand out from the classic romantic narrative:



I read this book a whole year ago and I had completely forgotten how amazing it was, untilI recommended it to a friend and she kept on gushing about it which jogged my memory of how much I too fangirl-ed over it. This definitely left me with a book hangover.

There are way too many favourite moments in this book. But one I will always remember is the paintball scenario and everything that followed. Obviously not going to post spoilers here, hence I cannot elaborate further.

The characters are so very on point and I really loved them. This was one charming book that refreshed my mind and gave me the break I was looking for.


I didn’t expect to actually fall in love with this book. It started off on a sad note and I was expecting to take the typical route of how the main character finds joy afterwards etc and it did take that very same route, but it happened in a manner that pleasantly surprised me.

I found myself slowly falling in love with the book with every page I turned.

The element of romance was more like a side story which helped the character overcome the adversities. The romance did not take the center stage and push the character’s pains and troubles away and make it seem like love can fix it all and I really loved this aspect.


I recently wrote a review for this book which you can find here.

Honestly, this book is just so very heartbreaking. But according to me heartbreak and romance always go hand in hand and this is a perfect depiction of that.

It left me in tears in the end but I did not mind it because I loved every single moment in this book and it definitely broke me. It’s a very beautiful story. I loved it so very much.


I read this book very recently and the only thing that comes to my mind is adorably awkward. It is narrated from the guy’s perspective and initially I did doubt my choice and considered maybe not reading it.

But once I got past the first few pages, I did not stop until I finished the whole book. It’s a very cute book which I found to be hilarious in many instances.

It’s different from your typical romance novel because the characters are very atypical and they’re mismatched in multiple ways and yet it just works out so well.


This is another adorable story that starts out in a very different way and it takes a few twists and turns.

The characters are from very contrasting environments and yet they blend together so very well. The cliche term “made for each other” works so very well in this book.

They get along so very well despite not knowing each other much and it shows that communication goes a very long way. It’s a very sexy book filled with an abundance of cuteness.

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