remind me

remind me to never speak up again remind me to never pour out my heart remind me to never voice my thoughts remind me over and over again remind me of the heartbreak remind me of the betrayal remind me of the abandonment remind me over and over again remind me to stay silent remind … Continue reading remind me

"It’s raining outside. Actually that would be an understatement. There is a whole thunderstorm raging on, with the sky lighting up, the clouds rumbling, water crashing down, hail stones flying around, and yet, it’s amidst this chaos that I feel so very peaceful. I haven’t felt such serenity in so long. Seeing the mayhem outside … Continue reading


Little did she know That the coffee he spilt on her the first morning Was not a mere coincidence or a mistake For she was his chosen prey Little did she know That the misgiving in her heart Was not a mistaken feeling But rather the universe telling her to run Little did she know … Continue reading monster