INSIDE MY CRANIUM: An ambiguous rant…

Honestly my brain is just not working anymore. I had a few posts planned for today but I just ended up forgetting about it because it’s been a kind of long day.

Since I started this blog, I’ve always spoken whatever has been on my mind & there was never any ambiguity regarding whatever the topic of my rant, whether it was about depression, my religion, my culture etc. But today I need to just rant & it saddens me that I have to keep this topic under the wraps for now because right now I do not have a solid line of thought and it’s a very delicate topic & not having my facts right before going on a full on open rant about it will only add further to the pot of confusion that’s already swirling around the internet. Right now I am very much hurt, disappointed & frustrated, so the words that end up being typed are not based on actual facts, they’re based on emotions & it will most definitely end up causing a lot of mayhem.

Now that I’m here trying to type up a rant, literally all my thoughts just evaporated.

People are just so very ignorant. They say or post things which end up garnering a lot of attention & praise, but what they fail to realise is that in the heat of the moment, whilst posting whatever it is that they posted, they also ended up hurting a lot of people with their misinformed words. They think what they are saying is right and in a way it is, except that it’s not being presented in the right way which is only fuelling the online hatred. I just wish that when people post things about certain sensitive topics, they do their research and post something with the right facts. Especially if they are someone who is very influential and their posts end up being shared amongst thousand others.

Not only are they spreading the wrong facts, but they are also creating a negative image about certain issues which are already tarnished due to major misconceptions. I wish people did not say or do things out of ignorance and even if they did, when someone tries to point out their mistake, at least don’t lash back at them. If you don’t want to be corrected, it’s fine, just ignore it, don’t use swear words for no good reason.

Majority of us are on social media & of course there is no need for all of us to post about social issues & religious issues and what not, but on the occasions that we choose to do so, we should at least ensure that what we are posting is the right thing. Don’t go around spreading false facts in the heat of the moment. Always check what you’re posting. Use the platform you have as wisely as you can. Don’t misuse it out of ignorance. Or misuse it for vengeance. Don’t.

The world is filled with enough negativity & darkness. Don’t spread that further. I know that sometimes we don’t mean to. Which is why it is so very necessary to constantly be aware of what you say and especially how you say it. You might have a very pure intention but the way you present your facts to the world is very crucial. You always need to present your story in a well worded manner that is not too complex for people to understand. It’s so very easy to misinterpret anything and everything in today’s world and especially when it comes to online stuff, people screenshot half the message & things end up in a downward spiral. Hence, this is why it is very very important to always check what we say.

But some people don’t and the message they end up spreading is so very twisted & misinformed and especially during dark times, a wrong word can end up causing so much hurt & might even end up causing harm to someone out there.

Sorry, I know this was a very annoying and long post just filled with ambiguity. I promise I’ll make up for this by posting something better later on. Hope you all have a good day. 🌻

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