BOOKS: Motivational / Self-help Book Recommendations

Since last year I have been making an active effort to read more of non-fiction and I strayed into the genre of autobiographies, some of which also served as a self help book. Here are my top 3 favourites from this genre [in no particular order] :


1. HOW TO BE A BAWSE – Lilly Singh

I used to be a major fan of Lilly Singh, popularly known as Superwoman on YouTube. I used to watch her videos devotedly every single week and basically I used to be obsessed with her. And then her style of videos began changing gradually and I wasn’t that obsessed with her anymore. And then came the book and well I can say that this book definitely made me fall back in love with her.

It literally is proof of how very hard working she is and how hard work can get you to wherever you want if you put your heart and soul into what you’re doing.

Honestly this book was definitely a delight to read and a year later I ended up re-reading it again because it really does spark a fire of motivation within you. And it was also so very relatable on so many levels.


Not going to lie, I didn’t even know who Vex King was until I saw this book on someone’s Insta-story. Out of curiosity, I checked what the book was about on Google and the next thing I know, I’m halfway through the book.

Honestly, it is such an inspiring book, filled with realistic advice and just general life tips to keep you going.

I finished the whole book in one sitting and the next thing I did was stalk him out on Instagram and now I religiously follow his profile and wait for him to post because the content is truly, truly amazing.

3. MIND PLATTER – Najwa Zebian

I don’t have words to describe how so very beautiful her words are. No word I use will ever do justice to describe how so very charming her writing is. It’s truly splendid and just makes you want to devour the whole book in one sitting, which is pretty much what I did.

I ended up bugging a bunch of friends to go read this because that is how amazing I found this book to be and it’s something that can be read by anyone. Literally every single person out there can find something relatable amidst the pages of this book.

It’s truly something phenomenal and I look forward to reading more of her amazing words.


If you liked this, you can check out my other post where I recommend a few poetry books. T

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