BOOKS: Poetry recommendations [April 2019]

I’ve read a bunch of poetry books, including those by Rupi Kaur and Atticus and much more. But here are 3 books which I read in the past month and I really, really liked them and connected with each one of them in different ways. I’m including a few snippets from each book in hopes that it will make you maybe want to go give it a read.


1. salt – Nayyirah Waheed

☽“if you show
someone the sun in your bones
and they reject you
you must remember
they hurt themselves this very same way”

☽“knowing your power
is what creates 
not knowing your power
is what creates

☽“who you are
is not what you are doing
what you are doing
being someone else”


2. Born to Love, Cursed to Feel – Samantha King

☽ “I never wanted perfect, I just wanted happy
I’m still figuring out what that looks like”

☽ “Can they see my insecurities as vividly as I do?
Do they possess that kind of vision?
Or are they so lost in their own self-turmoil
that they don’t even notice I’m defeated, depleted
A remnant of a dreamer gone mad”

☽“My friends are exhausted
from the relentless phone calls of sobs and silence
The “help me” look that has invaded my face
and the absence of who I was before”


3. She Felt Like Feeling Nothing – r. h. Sin

☽ “i think you’re just
this beautiful misfit
nothing wrong with being different
in search of something real
in search of someone who will listen
someone who will care
someone who will stay
a love that brings you closer
a love that never strays”

☽ “i couldn’t find the words
and so i sat silently
screaming from within
searching for a way out”

☽ “who were you
before you decided
to let the world
dictate who you’d become”


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