INSIDE MY CRANIUM: Sri Lanka Easter Sunday Explosions

There were eight bomb blasts in Sri Lanka today. Sri Lanka, my home, the place I was born in. It was one attack after the other. Three of which were in churches, during the Easter Sunday service. The rest were in different areas. It resulted in 100+ deaths [I say this because the death toll keeps rising with every passing hour], and more than 200 people ended up being injured. Simply put, it was a gruesome attack of terrorism.

Now I’ve seen so many such acts in news, the most recent one being the New Zealand shooting and every single time, I have indeed felt miserable, questioned humanity and prayed to the best of my capabilities for every single human being that was involved in such heartbreaking incidents. But I will be honest, this was the first time ever I ended up crying so much. 

I don’t know whether it’s because eight blasts occurred in eight different places in the span of a few hours. Or because three of these blasts happened inside churches, places that actually symbolize peace. Or because the death toll kept increasing every time I refreshed Google. Or because it is my home country and seeing it being destroyed devastated me. Or because I was so worried about all my friends and family back home and being unable to connect to them and just know whether they are alright due to a social media blackout. Or because I couldn’t fathom the fact that someone out there has such a sadistic and twisted mind that they actually thought to blow up churches on Easter knowing very well that they will be crowded above and beyond the normal extent. Or because thinking of the consequences that will follow this frightened so me so very much because being a Muslim I was so very afraid and just hoping that this wasn’t done by a group of insane people who label themselves as Muslims which will inevitably end up causing a lot of misery to the Muslims living in Sri Lanka. Or because a civil war that lasted for around 25 years ended just ten years ago and things were finally settling and falling back into place.

I know that such acts of terrorism are happening in every single corner of the world on a daily basis. I know that innocent people lose their lives in the name of terrorism every single day. I know that numerous countries end up being bombed and no one talks about it. I know that numerous mosques, churches, historic places get blown up and no on even mentions them even once on social media. I know that this act of terrorism that happened today in my country is not something new, it’s something that’s been happening for a long time around the globe.

But I am very much ashamed to say that until today, terrorism hadn’t affected me to this extent. I simply couldn’t function. All I could do was cling on to my phone, waiting for replies  from friends, refreshing Google every few minutes in hopes that another blast did not happen. It took over me. It left me with goosebumps and I was just a shivering mess. I couldn’t think straight. I couldn’t focus and I just kept panicking. I was meant to be studying, I had made a solid study plan but all of that went down the drain. Eventually I had to stop refreshing Google, take a shower and just force myself to read a light hearted novel to just stop thinking about it and driving myself into a frenzy. 

Now if someone like me who wasn’t in the country when this happened and thankfully does not have affected friends or family ended up in such a crazed up state, I cannot even begin to imagine the turmoil the families of every person involved in these blasts must be going through. I cannot even try to imagine what might have gone through their minds when they first heard about this. When they all set out to go for the church service, none of them would have ever imagined in their wildest dreams that they would be dead or be lying injured in a hospital bed. They did nothing to deserve it and yet it happened to them. None of the people around the globe who ended up being terrorized deserved any of it. But it happened. And you cannot come up with any justification even if you tried to.

An actual human being out there who walks amongst us, probably is very much normal in behavior came up with this whole plan. This human and everyone else this person is in cahoots with genuinely thought that causing so much mayhem, destruction and bloodshed is actually the right thing to do. Like how twisted and sick is your mind that you thought of spreading so much violence? Like how does your brain work? You gain nothing from such a mass murder but you’re probably enjoying this moment, basking in this misery everyone is going through. I cannot even imagine how sadistic and dark hearted one must be to even concoct such an evil plan. And that is the thing about terrorism, there is no logic behind their acts regardless of whatever bullshit justification they throw out to the world. 

Terrorism in the name of religion, terrorism in the name of claiming your rights, terrorism for whatever reason you come up with, terrorism is always wrong. There is no justification behind mass murder. There is no justification behind coordinated bomb blasts. Terrorism is plain evil and inhumane. Anyone who even tries to justify themselves after committing such heinous crimes are not in their right minds. 

Sending my love, thoughts and prayers to everyone involved in today’s attacks and to everyone else around the globe going through this on a frequent basis. Stay safe folks. And just tell everyone around you that you love them and appreciate them because at this rate, who knows what will happen in the next minute. 

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