100 days

It’s been 100 days since we last spoke
Do you ever wonder what happened to me?
Do you ever question why I disappeared? 
Has my silence ever sparked your curiosity?
I don’t think so
Because if you truly had cared
Even a little bit
You would have tried
Tried to talk to me
Tried to reach out
Tried to at least check on me
So this leaves me with only one conclusion 
That it was all fake
That you truly never cared
And I was just a nobody
Someone you spoke to only when you were bored
It hurts you know
It hurts a lot
Because I finally trusted you
And you turned out to be just like the rest
It’s been a 100 whole days since we last spoke
And every single day
I tried not to think of you
I had to stop myself from calling you
I had to not beat myself up
I pondered over and over again as to whether I committed a mistake, whether I said something wrong
I drowned in self doubt
I questioned my own worth 
It’s been a 100 whole days
And you’ve managed to successfully push me right back to square one
Where once again
I no longer trust anyone
And all of it just hurts so very much
Because it’s been 100 whole days of torment

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