12am thoughts

Voices voices voices 
All these voices in my head
All I want to do is
Shut my eyes and go to sleep
But these voices
These voices keep me awake
These voices make me think
I think and think and think
But I can’t think anymore
For my eyes are drooping
My body is exhausted 
But my brain doesn’t shut up
The more I try to sleep
The louder these voices get
One yells while the other cries
One tries to calm the chaos
While the other adds more fuel to the fire
Voices voices voices
So many voices in my head
I wish they all would just shut up
I wish and wish and wish
But the voices only get stronger 
I shut my eyes tight
I cover my ears
I clench my jaw
And I focus
I focus so hard trying to think of nothing
I picture darkness
I picture silence
But the voices are more powerful than I am
One makes me question my worth
The other tries to reassure me
One makes me feel like a failure
The other tries to find success 
One brings up painful memories
The other tries to make me smile
One fills with me hatred and fury
The other tries to soften my heart
Voices voices voices
So many voices in my head
Each one at war with another
Chasing away sleep every time it approaches 
Shredding my sanity into bits & pieces 
Making me want to rip my hair out
For all I seek is some peace and quiet 

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