Why is that success is always measured in terms of money, in terms of what you own, in terms of how big your house is or how new your car is? Why is success always measured in materialistic terms? Why isn’t success measured in terms of how you feel rather than what you possess? 

I know many humans out there who are so very rich but have no peace of mind and I also know humans who are in the exact opposite position and yet are very content with their life. Now I am not saying that everyone rich is unhappy and everyone not rich is happy. Obviously it’s different for every individual out there, but what I’m trying to say is that what one owns doesn’t always define their parameters of happiness. 

I truly believe that success should be measured in terms of how happy a person is, how much they love themselves and how much joy they spread to those around them. If you’re someone who goes around spreading hate and negativity, then I highly doubt you can call yourself successful regardless of whatever your financial status might be. 

Why is everything in this world measured and related to the materialistic possessions one owns? The size of a house, the model of a car, the salary one earns, the clothes one wears and many other similar parameters are used to define success and that is truly frustrating. Because this just leads everyone to believe that they need to be on top of the food chain in order to be successful and that alone sets a chain of events in many people’s lives which leads down the wrong path. 

Let’s be real, no one’s ever advertised a not so rich person with a mediocre job and yet a happy family as successful. It’s always rich business folks dressed in posh clothes, getting out of fancy cars that’s always used as the standard defining image of success. Do you know what this does to people? Everyone sets out to work super hard and become rich, so that they too can become successful. Now here is the thing: some people truly have a goal of being rich and there is nothing wrong with that, but some people have other dreams and goals which they suppress and choose a whole different path simply for the sake of attainting that high status, or at least if they don’t suppress it, the people around them do so, their parents, the society, etc by telling them that pursuing their dreams won’t pay them well, won’t feed them well etc. And this happens only and only because success is defined in terms of money, popularity and materialistic things.

If success was defined in terms of feelings and emotions, then this world would be a happier place filled with a lot of successful beings. For instance, if you love cooking and you are a chef, then you are successful because you’re doing what you love and it makes you happy. But ordinarily you will be considered successful only if you’re working in top class restaurant or hotel and not if you’re in some small, unknown establishment. And this is what I’m trying to emphasize on. It doesn’t matter where you’re working as a chef, as long as you’re doing what you want, you are successful. Of course wanting to move up the ladder and work in bigger establishments simply makes you “more” successful. It only adds more to your already existing success. But that is not how people view things in life, this particular chef will finally be applauded for being successful only when he/she reach the top tier and not a moment before that and I find that truly frustrating.

Of course I cannot go out there and change the definition of success or how the world views such things in general. But I want to apply it at least to the people in my life. Yesterday I read something along the lines of “Be the person who you wanted someone else to be in your life”, which basically implies that if you wanted a particular type of role model and they weren’t there in your life, then be that person and that is who I want to be because I truly do believe that if I had had someone in my life who’d told me that success isn’t measured in terms of materialistic things, my life would have been different, I would have been out there exploring & experimenting until I finally settled for the option that made me the happiest.

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