Whilst wallowing in my sorrow, I usually tend to read poetry because that’s where I find words that comfort my broken heart. Came across this which truly resonates with my current flow of thoughts…


“the sun doesn’t feel the same
as it used to
i’ve been hiding from its light
in search of a shade that’ll keep my secrets from the rest of the world
i used to smile listening to the birds
chirping outside my window
but now their melodies sound like chaos
to my ears
small animalistic reminders
of how happier everything else is
outside of myself and how sad
i’ve become on a morning where
i should be happy to be alive
but i’m not
my whole life has been about waiting always waiting, always hanging on
to the tomorrows of today
or trying to figure out how
to survive the aches of yesterday
my past has been riddled with riddles
that i can’t solve
and even though
i’m used to this struggle
i’m still fighting to evolve
the rain falls from within
overflowing internally
i’m drowning, slowly consumed
by the sadness of it all
and somehow living in this moment
feels like dying all the same”

Excerpt From: r.h. Sin. “She Felt Like Feeling Nothing.”

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