INSIDE MY CRANIUM: Truly blessed

I almost uttered that I’m having such a terrible day and then I remembered that someone out there is having a worse day than me. It’s someone I actually know. When I paused for a moment and compared my day to this particular individual’s day, I realised how blessed of a day I actually had, because it’s a scenario where our situations could be reversed, where I could be having the day that person is having, going through what they went through and I truly don’t know how I’d even make it through the day if that ever did happen. So this taught me two things; one, always be grateful for what I have because there honestly is much much worse out there; two, find inspiration and draw strength by looking up to these people who get through the worst of the worse with a smile on their face and a positive attitude even though they are truly broken inside. 

When you stop looking at everything in your life through a negative lens, things truly do change. I don’t mean that overnight you’ll magically attain a wonderful life. I mean that when you shift the way you look at things, when you look for the good in everything instead of the downside of every single incident, you begin to realise what you have in your life and when you realise what you possess, you begin to appreciate it, you begin to treasure it and eventually you utilise it in the right way. This is applicable to literally everything in your life. 

For instance, if we take time. When you look at your life and realise how much time you’re truly blessed with in comparison to someone else who is running low on it, you realise the magnitude of the blessing, you appreciate what you have and you feel motivated to utilise it in the right manner. Or if not time, take the example of a person, maybe a parent. When you realise that many individuals out there are lacking the blessed hand of a parent in their lives, you comprehend the gift you’ve been given, you appreciate their existence and you begin to treat them a little better, with a bit more respect and that’ll make all the difference not only in your life, but also in theirs. Basically apply this to anything you have; education, food, clothing, family, shelter, intact limbs etc etc and it truly hits home in regards to the abundance of blessings you’re buried beneath. 

But most of the times, all of us, myself included, take all of these everyday simple aspects of life for granted. It takes a huge incident to make us understand what we have. But the thing is if we look around, there are incidents happening in everyone’s lives, some big, some small, but the point is to pay close attention to everyone around you and draw a lesson from the happenings in their lives. Don’t pay attention to gossip or spread rumours. Pay attention to witness, to learn, to find inspiration, to learn the art of gratitude, to seek strength, to discover blessings, and to develop into a better person with every passing moment. 

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