At the end of the day 
When everyone else has abandoned me
You have always been there for me

All those disagreements and disappointments 
And yet in the end
You are all that truly matters

I have broken you
And you have broken me
But we are bound together forever and forever 

We are nowhere near perfect
You have flaws and I have flaws
And yet I would never trade you for anyone else

During the hard times
We have bickered 
We have cried
Yet it was then, that we truly loved

I owe you my whole life
For I know that I can never pay back
For all the innumerable sacrifices and dreams 
That you gave up for me

We are like pieces of a puzzle
Very much different on our own
And yet we complete each other perfectly 

I know that perfection is not something we will attain
I know that there are many more misunderstandings that await
I know that we will yell at each other many more times

But I also know that at the end of the day 
You love me and I love you
And each of us are nothing without the other
For you are my family
And I am yours

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