My day started off on such a high note and I was so very delighted and I was just happy. Then I encountered a certain individual who was emanating intense negative vibes which I failed to detect in the beginning. As time passed, it reached a point where those vibes got to me and I got increasingly annoyed to the point where I turned angry. Like really angry. The anger built up to the point where I literally ended up screaming out of frustration. The anger eventually turned into tears. Now this whole process consumed around 6 hours of my day. Simply put, I lost 6 hours of my precious day because of someone else’s negative vibes.

The only way I managed to get out of it was when I saw this quote Jay Shetty had posted on Instagram, which said “7.5 billion people in the world and you let the opinion of 1 stop your energy? You’re better than that.”. When I first saw this, I instantly knew that it was something I so very desperately needed to read in the moment and the beautiful thing about it was the perfect timing. Honestly, the universe works in magical ways.

So when I read it, it just hit me in full force. I was ruining my mood because of something someone said and this someone doesn’t even care. They’re busy living their best life out there and here I am nurturing the toxic vibes I received from them and allowing it to grow into something bigger, due to which I not only ended up losing my peace of mind for six whole hours, but I also lost six hours worth of joy, six hours of productivity and basically so much time where I could have done so many other things, none of which would have been negative.

Like I’ve mentioned it on multiple posts previously, I am a very sensitive human and I easily get affected by other people’s attitudes and vibes. Now on one hand, it is kind of a good thing because if someone is emitting positive vibes or is very bubbly and happy, then I feel the same regardless of what or how I might have been feeling a few moments ago. But the downside is that in instances like today, when someone is exuding vibes off the negative spectrum, it drags me down too, regardless of the fact that I started off the day on a very huge positive note and that is definitely not a good thing. Getting infected by other people’s positivity is something I will happily accept any given day. But the opposite scenario is something I most definitely have to work really hard to avoid.

For a number of years now I’ve allowed other people, other humans to dictate my moods and that is a very much unhealthy aspect of my life because majority of the times people haven’t tried to lift me up, rather they’ve always managed to drag me down because as sad as it sounds, that’s the type of people I always end up being surrounded by. Of course there have been people that were like sunflowers but most of the times, those good vibes have been eclipsed by the dark vibes because the dark vibes are always greater in number than the bright vibes and hence they always get lost in the shadows.

I was angry, I was mad, I was sad but when I saw that one positive ray of sunshine in the message posted by Jay, everything clicked into place in the blink of an eye because at the back of my mind, I’ve always known that negativity needs to be ignored and when it comes to the the opinions other people have, if they’re not good, then they definitely need to be discarded and we just need to keep moving forward. But I had forgotten it. It’s human nature to forget something if you don’t think of it or remind yourself about it as often as you possibly can. And that was what had happened to me. 

I had been so focused on my own journey of being positive, of being appreciative and grateful, of eliminating my negative thoughts etc etc, that I had completely forgotten that sometimes in life other people send negative vibes in our way and that we have to learn to ignore them and not let them bring us down. But now I remember, and hopefully I continue to remember and put this into practice. And I hope that if you are reading this, you too continue to ignore any and every sort of negativity around you.

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