ONE GOOD THING: 7th March, 2019

Honestly, today was actually a bad day.

But then I came home and as time passed, I began to reflect on the type of day I had and why I had a bad day. It all boiled down to the fact that I was impatient and got annoyed very easily. Now usually I am not as impatient as I was today, but then today I was really ill. But that’s the thing, I always make excuses for myself and I truly believe that being ill gave me no right to be impatient and annoyed at things, which I normally wouldn’t be. So as I walked around my room, I pondered further as to why I truly was feeling the way I did. That’s when it hit me; I hadn’t had a productive day or even a productive week. I had deviated off my schedule and spent pretty much a whole week just wasting time, complaining, being ungrateful and had also reverted back to my unhealthy eating schedule. The combination of an unhealthy body & mind had truly messed me up. Now this messed up person is what I usually am, but lately I have been trying to eat healthy and practice more positivity and I can already see the difference. Deviating from the good vibes for a week has literally wrecked my mood and turned me into a short tempered grumpy human. I need to get back onto the wagon and obviously there is no reset button in real life, but I’m truly hoping and praying that with a new sunrise I can get back to my normal schedule.

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