Assalamu-Alaikum! [May Peace be unto you]

If you don’t know this blog [and you probably don’t know], I am a 23 year old Muslim female specie. It is with this blog that I actually started using my real name and not some made up mystical name. At one point I even admitted the other basic facts about me being that I’m a medical student, I’m depressed, I’m asian and also one other major thing about me, that being I am a Muslim.

I’ve always hidden the different parts of my identity due to a fear of a lot of things. I hid my real name because I was always afraid that someone who knows me might come across my posts and use the vulnerabilities mentioned in my blog against me. I hid my depression and used to speak about it in metaphors because I was afraid that again someone I know would see this and go tell my family and I was just truly terrified about the consequences. Lastly, I hid the fact that I’m Muslim because I was truly afraid that my blogs which usually garner no attention whatsoever [which I’m perfectly fine with by the way] will end up attracting a lot of negative attention and I didn’t want that before because I wouldn’t have been able to handle it.

But now, Alhamdullilah, by the mercy of God, I am not afraid of what people will think or say about me or about my blog or what will happen because recently I started exploring a bit more about my religion and despite being a Muslim for literally my whole existence, I learnt so much, almost all of which were basic everyday stuff which definitely made a drastic difference in my life and then the thought occurred to me that maybe I should start sharing it with other people, because who knows, it might help someone out there.

I know that many individuals out there think that Islam is a religion promoting terrorism and I’ll probably write a detailed post about this sometime later on [InShaAllah], but for now just for the sake of introduction, I would like to clarify it in case whosoever is reading this right now is thinking about that. The basic core of Islam is monotheism and spreading peace. Anyone who promotes terrorism or anything remotely related to violence is in no way preaching any message of Islam. They are distorting the religious views and making Islam seem like a dark & twisty religion while reality is something entirely different.

Now that I am actually starting a whole section in this blog for just Islam related stuff, I can talk about so many things that I have always wanted to discuss and write about. Of course like I stated in the beginning, I am a very basic Muslim, and I am still learning and discovering the basics of my religion. So of course most of my posts will be basic stuff that I know for sure have a solid source of credibility. I think this pretty much wraps up the intro and hopefully InShaAllah I will come up with a new post soon.

~ Azraa R.

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