ONE GOOD THING: 2nd March, 2019

Realizing the toxicity of all the broken friendships & being truly grateful and happy that those bonds ended when they did…

With every broken friendship, I kept losing a fraction of my self esteem, whilst my insecurities kept growing bigger and bigger. It reached the point where I began to hate myself for I truly believed that I was a deeply flawed individual who was truly unlikeable, hence resulting in all these broken friendships. I tormented myself for years by living within this bubble of self-hatred, to the point that living, breathing, just surviving was extremely difficult. But when I looked back without those self-judgmental glasses on, I realized that those were toxic friendships which drained me, destroyed me, and pushed me further and further down the winding road of depression. I am truly grateful for every single one of those toxic friendships, what they taught me, what I went through and most importantly, I am so very grateful for the fact that those friendships ended and that those people are no longer in my life.

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