people kept telling me that what i felt for you wasn’t  love. they said that it was an infatuation. some said that it was just a crush that i didn’t want to let go of. and others said it was because i hadn’t met enough guys. this was all years and years ago. years later, in the current day and year, you still reside in the core of my heart and my heart still aches for you, just as it did all those years ago. so tell me, would you still call this an infatuation? would you still label it as an obsessive crush? because my eyes see this as love. but maybe, just maybe, it isn’t love. it possibly might be an unhealthy harmful obsession. because if this was love, why, why does it hurt so damn much? or is it hurting so much because it is love. i don’t know. i never did know and i highly doubt i ever will know because whatever this is, will always be buried in the core of my heart.


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