Tv Shows : Queer Eye

I had no clue whatsoever about the existence of this show until very recently. I saw Tan France on some Instagram account that I was following and went to his profile and saw that he was in a show called “Queer Eye”, which I automatically assumed was a tv series like “Stranger Things” or something ficitious. Never gave it a thought after that.

Then recently I was scrolling through Facebook, procrastinating away my life because it’s not as if I have exams in around ten days or so. I came across this video where Tan was dressing up Hasan Minhaj and I obviously went back to Tan’ profile on Instagram because it was during that crossover video that I realised Queer Eye was a reality tv show and not a fictious thing. Yes, I know that he is a gay guy, but I’m still allowed to have a crush on a gay guy. No harm there.

And I started watching it, and OH MY GOD, I am obsessed with it. In less than 24 hours, I have watched almost both the seasons. I’m saying almost because I had to stop myself from finishing the last two episodes of season 2 because if not I would have spiralled down a drain of sadness after finishing all the episodes. I am going to leave these two episodes until season 3 is out, so that I have something to treat myself with on a very, very bad day.

Let me begin with the fact that this is definitely not a typical makeover show. I truly love all 5 of them who seem to be wonderful and kind humans who’ve definitely been through a lot in life. In the show, they don’t simply give an external makeover or do the makeover for the sake of it. It is pretty obvious right from the first episode that every single person they work on, they put in their heart and soul into the makeover. They not only make the person look better, or simply improve their homes, no, they make this person feel better inside out, they make them confident, they truly help evrey single individual as much as they possibly can and that is just so very beautiful.

I don’t usually discuss tv shows on my blog but this is such a phenomenal show which sadly has only 8 episodes per season. I am truly obsessed with each one of the Fab 5. Each one of them bring something truly beautiful to the table in addition to their amazing talents.

A tiny crush on Tan led me to watch this show and now I have a massive crush on all five of them and they are just so adorable, amazing and kind. I have no idea who they are or how they are in real life because when I develop an obsession for people on tv, I stop myself from following them on social media and such because if not my obsession will not be contained and also I don’t want the images I have of them to be tainted in case they turn out to be very much different in real life in contrast to what they potray on tv. But my point is, regardless of what they are behind the cameras, they are phenomenal on camera because the changes they are making in people’s lives is very much obvious towards the end of each episode and I love them for that. Truly.

Bottomline, yeah I am obsessed with this show. It’s filled with so much of good vibes and positivity. It is also so very motivational. Just watching the makeovers and the genuine advise and tips each one of them dole out to every person they makeover is so heartwarming and even eye opening at times. It definitely made me laugh and even made me super emotional at certain points. 10 on 10 recommend this. It’s something everyone should give a shot because it’s a chill show, nothing majorly stressful, just happy and colourful and people are getting makeovers for Heaven’s sake, why wouldn’t you want to watch that?

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