BOOK BLURBS: Together – Julie Cohen


Robbie and Emily have been together for years, but their love is still fresh and fierce. They have shared a bed, a home, a bond so deep it can’t be broken. But there are things they don’t share, things best left unsaid.

On a morning like any other, Robbie wakes, dresses, writes Emily a letter – and leaves their home for good. There is a secret they’ve been keeping since the day they met. The sacrifices and choices that have sealed their fates could be exposed, and this is the only way to keep it all hidden…

Is this a great love story or a story about great love?

Whatever you decide, theirs is a story that will never leave you.

Rating: ♦♦♦♦ / 5


The major reveal at the end, that’s what I still cannot get over. The whole time I was reading it, from beginning till the end, I thought this was just another romance/ domestic fiction novel, though it was made pretty obvious right in the beginning that there was a secret element in the storyline, yet, none of that prepared me for the actual reveal in the end, which left me shook. 

In a way, the storyline unfolded in a similar manner to how I opened this review; it started from the end and every chapter kept taking us back into the past. In short, it was a romance novel in reverse; we know how it ends, they are madly in love and are together, but who are they and how did their love story happen is what we learn as the clock is turned backwards with every passing chapter. 

It’s made pretty obvious that it’s not a love story that was approved by anyone. It was a forbidden love story. But why was it a forbidden love story? This “why” is what kept me going. I was so eager to know that I didn’t realize how far along I had read through in a very short period of time.  And unlike many other so called major reveals, almost all of which turned out to be disappointing and not worthy of the build up, this was most definitely a reveal to which I think maybe there wasn’t sufficient enough of a build up. 

You look back at all the pages you’ve read and everything makes so much sense, all the pieces of the puzzle falls together and that is one aspect I love in certain books, when the whole story clicks and you feel that imaginary lightbulb light up in your head. 

Overall, it’s a good read, something I would definitely recommend for the romance and general fiction fans. But let me give you a small disclaimer, though the story clicks in the end, it isn’t a happy sort of click, it’s a more of a “oh no, oh damn” sort of click. I honestly cannot say much more without actually ruining the whole thing. Simply put, it’s a very cleverly written novel. 

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