Success is just measured in numbers



That is all that matters

Not whether someone managed to get off the bed

Or whether they smiled for the first time in weeks

Or whether they managed to step out of the house

Or whether they simply felt happy

No, none of that matters

Because numbers is all that matters

And numbers is what success is measured in

It’s not just success 

Everything else is also just numbers

You’re 20

Why haven’t you graduated high school yet

You’re 25

Why are you still single

You’re 30

Don’t you want to get settled 

You’re 35

Why don’t you have kids

You’re 40

Why don’t you have a house

You’re 60

Why aren’t you retired yet

Why why why

There is a why for every number

And if you have no answer

Then you are a failure

You are a failure 

If you haven’t lived up to the whys of each number

It doesn’t matter that

At 20

Youwere a blossoming artist

At 25

You were too busy travelling the world solo

At 30

You were building up your career 

At 35

You found love

At 40

You were a renowned artist

At 60

You were writing an autobiography

But none of this matters

Because you didn’t follow the numbers

You didn’t do what you were meant to do

You did what you wanted to do

So it doesn’t matter that you’re a successful independent human at 35

Because you were expected to be that at 25

So now you’re considered a failure

Because this whole runs on numbers 

And creativity is a crime

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