INSIDE MY CRANIUM: Reading is beautiful

It’s beautiful. Reading is such a beautiful thing and I always fail to understand those who don’t even seem to want to give reading a chance. And I’m not even talking about deep, philosophical, non-fiction works. No, anything that can be read, whether it’s fictional novels, biographies, blogs, even encyclopaedias if that’s what interests you, should be read.

Reading is special in many ways that I cannot even begin to explain. It’s a connection between two people; the writer & the reader. In that moment whilst you’re reading a certain paragraph, it’s just you & the author. There is no one else in between. In a way it’s a conversation taking place between the author & you. The writer is telling you something, it might be personal, it might be a story, it might be an informative fact, it might be anything, it doesn’t matter what it is, but they are telling you something & suddenly, now you know something about someone you’ve never met before & probably never will. It could be that you now know this person is so creative that they can weave words to magically make a story that’s not true, or it could be that now you’re aware of a certain life experience they’ve had, or now you know that this person is so smart, clever & dedicated that they managed to discover certain facts & now they’re helping you educate yourself.

Yes, it is not just you getting to know this author. There are hundreds of people out there, reading the same book. But this is the thing about reading. It is a different experience for every single person out there. For instance, if it’s an autobiography, one person might resonate with the story on page 10, another with the story on page 50, but for you, it might be the ending that actually caught your attention. Or let’s consider a novel, the author describes a scenario with the necessary details, but between another person and you, the both of you would most definitely have envisioned the scenario with at least a few minor differences. So yeah, there will be million others reading the same book as you, and maybe even feeling the same way as you, but there will always be at least one minor detail in that book which stood out only & only to you, helping you form one of a kind type of connection with the author.

Another thing that’s so very wonderful about reading is that it’s the best way to lose yourself, the best way to live another life, the best way to disconnect from reality, and the best route of escape (or at least according to me it is). There are certain moments when you’re reading where you don’t even realise what’s happening around you because in that moment, you’re lost in the pages of that book, you might be a detective trying to solve a murder, you might be a doctor trying to save a patient, you might be a scientist discovering something new, and the list goes on. My point is that you can be anything you want if you pick the right book & live in that moment, enjoy this alternate life that you have & sometimes even realise that you are truly blessed in real life, and that you’re so much better off that so many out there & that alone should make you appreciate & be grateful for the life you’re living.

Honestly, people focus a lot on the genres & I personally have witnessed incidents where one looks down on the other for choosing to read a particular genre or scoffing at another because reading comics can’t be classified as reading & I disagree with all of this. Because like I said in the beginning, it really doesn’t matter what you read, whether it’s a novel, biography, blog, comic book, magazine, encyclopaedia, school textbook, and anything else. The fact that you are making an effort to read, is in itself a major thing. It’s great. Because in today’s day & age, reading is becoming less & less of a thing & it’s very much saddening. So if someone is reading something, it doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it keeps them content, go and encourage them to keep reading.

As it’s pretty obvious, I am a huge fan of reading & I admire writers & readers and the relationship between them is very much symbiotic. It’s a balance and it keeps the bookworm community going, which will cease to function if there happens to be a misbalance in the proportion of readers & writers. Hence, to anyone who reads this blog post, I urge you to never stop reading. It’s a beautiful thing & help it to stay alive by just reading a few words on a daily basis.

Thank you so much for reading this & I hope you have a beautiful day.


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