BOOK BLURBS: Mommy By Mistake – Rowan Coleman


When a spur-of-the-moment romantic weekend in Venice has an unexpected outcome, Natalie Curzon thinks she’s ready to take on single motherhood. But while it’s love at first sight between Natalie and baby Freddie, being on leave from the office, alone all day with her baby and her post-pregnancy hormones, makes her feel trapped in some alien body. 

Just when she’s at her wit’s end, a major electrical issue in her London home leads Natalie to a whole new circle of friends. There’s handsome, dependable Gary the electrician, and his assistant’s young girlfriend Tiffany — also the mother of a surprise baby.

A crazy impulse leads Natalie to invent a husband who’s working in Dubai, but when she and Tiffany decide to start a baby group, Natalie finds her lie spiraling out of control. Then Freddie’s real father, Jack, unexpectedly reappears, and Natalie realizes just how much there is to win or lose…not just for herself, but her baby as well. 

RATING: ♦♦♦ .5 / 5


This was a very decent & pleasant read. It is really well written, to the point that at certain instances I felt second-hand embarrassment for the characters because the scenario was well explained & I could just picture what was happening.

One of the major highlights of this book is that it emphasises on the importance of communication, which by the way I have noticed is a common theme in most of the general fiction/romance novels and I really like that because we humans really do need to work on our communication skills and having such reminders in the form of lovely novels is a great thing.

Obviously based on the summary, you’ve figured out what this book is about. The main character Natalie, was used to being an independent working woman & everything changes over the course of a year & she has to adjust into her new life with her child & everything is different for her. She feels like she doesn’t belong in her old life & she doesn’t have anyone in her new life & everything changes overnight & suddenly she has a new circle of friends, each of whom have their own personal issues & fears.

This book not only explores Natalie’s journey of self-discovery in her new life as a single mom, but also the struggles of her friends who are also mothers, some for the first time ever and some for the second or third, yet, it doesn’t matter how many times you’ve given birth because it’s a whole new experience with each child.

All of them are very much conscious of their bodies, their family life, which seems perfect on the outside but in reality is actually a wreck. And all of them cope with it in different ways and they all find and realise new things along the way; about themselves & about their goals.

It’s a book that highlights certain real life issues which no one gives a second thought to because motherhood is something that’s happening on a daily basis in every corner of this planet & yet no one ever stops to think of how much of an impact it has on that particular mother & all the changes and sacrifices she puts herself through.

Overall, it’s a good read for the romance/general fiction fans.

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