INSIDE MY CRANIUM: Dance Like Nobody’s Watching


One way I have managed to retain my sanity amidst all the different kinds of crisis I have gone through in the past three years is by throwing a dance party for myself on an almost daily basis. Yeah, okay, now I probably sound insane.

By dance party, what I mean is that I usually play really upbeat music out loud and just dance away for twenty to thirty minutes. And by dance I don’t mean beautiful, rhythmical movements. I just let my body move in accordance to the beats, not caring how I look. Basically, I dance like nobody is watching, because really, no one is, it’s just me all by myself, dancing away like a crazy lady in my apartment.

So you might be wondering why exactly I do this or maybe my brain randomly conks out on me? The latter is not false though. But that’s not why I dance away. It has helped me in a few ways.

The first time it happened, it was legit an accident. I was listening to music on my phone, and then my earphones detached by mistake & the music began playing out loud & by instinct I just danced away, and I felt so very good in that moment. I felt confident, I felt beautiful & most of all, I felt like I was in control & from then onwards, it just became a habit.

Dancing away is my outlet. It is my temporary escape from this world. When the music is blasting away, it’s just me, all by myself. There are no random thoughts swirling inside my brain, there are no insecurities, no paranoia, no anxiety. I feel cut off from the whole world and all those sounds & noises & disturbances, literally all of it is muffled out by the music. The more I dance, the wilder my heart thuds away within my ribcage & in that moment, I feel so alive.

The memory of feeling so very alive & happy is something I try to cling on to on a daily basis, especially as a reminder for the bad days when I feel dead or I feel like dying because the world is not a nice place.

Obviously, another aspect of this whole dancing away thing is that it is a great form of de-stressing & just letting it all out. I will be honest, I have tried meditation a couple of times, and yes, I did not follow through & continue meditating, the way you’re supposed to, but my point is that, even meditation hasn’t helped me to let out all the stress in the way this whole routine has helped me. [Maybe it’s because like I said, I probably, no I definitely didn’t meditate properly…]

One more positive aspect of this is that it helps me physically & by this I don’t mean that I end up burning a lot of calories or anything because I don’t dance long enough to actually do that. But what I mean is that I have chronic issues with my joints & sitting around all day long at uni, during lectures & classes & what not, leaves me feeling very sore & in a lot of pain. Dancing around & stretching my limbs has actually helped me a lot to deal with stiff-sore joints issue. Yeah, I could probably go for a walk or go to the gym or something of that sort to actually make a difference, but let me be honest here, I’m never going to be the type who ends up at a gym. Or maybe I might, someday, if it was a females only gym.

Right, so I think I have said most of whatever was on my mind when I started off writing this post. If you read this, I hope you maybe try this out & let me know how it works for you. Also, if you read this & made it till the end, a huge thank you for doing so. I greatly appreciate it. Hope you have a beautiful day!



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