Processing my vision….

So, this  quote was the most recent thing I posted on my Instagram page. Now if you’re wondering why am I posting the same thing here, it’s because like I said, I still have no idea what to post here or what not to post.

In the beginning, I did think of posting the very same things on Instagram, like the same quotes, the same book reviews and all that you know. Then it hit me, all I’m doing is making a maybe, slightly fancier replica of my Instagram account and that is just so very pointless.

So I’m still processing my vision, but until then instead of leaving this to be an empty blog, I’m just going to occasionally drop in a few quotes from Instagram just to keep this page alive. Eventually, we’ll figure out what to do.

Now, you might be wondering, why is this girl so obsessed with doing something about this blog or even starting a blog if she is completely clueless as to what to do with it. It’s due to several reasons.

One of them being that I am very much obsessed with writing and I have had two blogs previously which were just centred around personal rants and quotes that I would come up by myself and all that stuff you know. But those blogs had no purpose apart from being my outlet for the random rants and venting sessions and it was basically a hub of negative energy and that’s not something that actually interested me after a few months, so at some point, those blogs just died down or I stopped caring about them.

Secondly, this whole Instagram thing that I started; I’m genuinely proud of it and I really love it. It’s not just any account, it’s an account where I invest in a lot of my time & effort, just editing the pictures for the quotes or even coming up with a theme for it and also editing pics for the book covers [because I mostly end up reading ebooks and I didn’t want to just post a picture of the book off Google, I started editing covers for my reviews]. It’s all a lot of work & I do not have the sufficient resources needed to make classy or eye catching edits. So I have to manage with whatever I have and it’s not much, so it requires a lot of work. But I’m also very much busy with uni work and what not. But despite that the fact that I’ve managed to keep the account going, even with a lack of decent followers makes me feel very proud of myself.

Back to the point, this is why I want to make something out of this blog and at the same time, I want it to be related to the Instagram account as well, but I also want it to be different. I know, I have an empty head filled with too many ambitions. But I’m going to try my best. Because this isn’t about becoming a popular blogger or being famous or anything of that sort. This is more about self-satisfaction, doing something I love, watching myself make progress and as childish as it sounds, as the edits keep getting better, I keep feeling happier and happier.

Most of all, one of the biggest reasons I started that account was because I wanted to find some purpose in my life. Yes, I am a medical student and that should be enough of a purpose in my life, but sadly, it isn’t. Life is very much complicated and I just wanted something to excite me, to just keep me occupied, to keep me motivated and believe it or not, since I started this whole thing, I have thought less and less about myself in the negative light. I’ve always been a bookworm since I was kid and what would be better than creating an account to post about the countless number of books I read every year.

Yes, I know, this was a very, very long post. Chances are, you probably won’t hear from me for a while since I’m trying to figure the content for this blog.

Have a fantastic day!






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